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iMfolozi Game Reserve

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South Africa
-28.311749, 31.861467
Mpila Camp , Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve
1 nights

Mpila Camp – Imfolozi Game Reserve

Magnificent views are to be found of the Wilderness area from Mpila Camp, which is central in the Umfolozi section. The camp offers a variety of self-catering accommodation. The reception offers a small convenience store, where basic supplies may be bought.

There are no fences around Mpila. During daylight hours it is safe to walk around the camp, however, after dark, you are advised not to do this, as wild game often roam the camp. Regular visitors include warthogs, antelope, zebra, the odd rhino, and in the dead of night hyena often prowl looking for scraps. As with Hilltop Camp, Mpila’s electricity is provided with a generator, and the ovens, fridges, and geysers are run on gas. However, the electricity goes off at 10 pm, therefore you are advised to bring torches and/or candles.

Petrol is available, and curios, cool drinks, beer, and wine, as well as camera film, may be purchased from the Mpila Camp Shop. There is no restaurant at Mpila, so all food should be brought by the guests.

Please note that at Mpila guests are required to wash their dishes themselves. If you prefer not to do this, the camp staff will sometimes do this for you in return for a gratuity.

Policies of iMfolozi Game Reserve

Cancellations Charges Less 14 Days - 100% of total amount Less 21 Days - 75% of total amount Less 31 Days - 50% of total amount 31 Days or More - 25% of total amount
MasterCard, Visa
Pet's not allowed.

Amenities of iMfolozi Game Reserve

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    Bird Watching
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    Conservation area
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    Filling station
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    Free Parking
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    Game Viewing
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    Guided walks
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    Housekeeping daily
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    Open Vehicle Game Drives (additional charge)
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    Picnic sites
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    Scenic views
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    WiFi (limited)

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2 Bed Self Catering Chalets Mpila Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Game Walks with an armed ranger are also available from Mpila Camp. These are normally 2 - 3 hours in duration

No, guests need to supply their own coffee, sugar, milk, and tea.

There is a shop selling basic foods and supplies, including bread, biscuits, milk, drinks, eggs, meat, charcoal, candles, matches, oil, butter, and a variety of tuck foods. We recommend that you do not rely on the shop as stocks occasionally run low.

No, All chalets and rondavels have single or twin beds.

Room numbers can be requested, but not guaranteed.

No, Gate opening and closing times are strictly enforced. Gate Opening and Closing Times: November to February: 05h00 to 19h00 March to October: 06h00 to 18h00 All guests please be advised that if you are going to be late arriving at Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve that a late Entry will be charged to the amount of R 500-00 per vehicle (subject to change). Late entries will only be collected from gate from 19h00 until 22h00. All late arrivals must please contact Mpila Camp to make arrangements to be escorted to Mpila as no persons may drive without an escort after gate closing times.

An early check-in is only possible if housekeeping has finished cleaning your room by the time you arrive.

Yes, Please do not leave food unattended and please keep all the windows and doors to your chalet closed when you are away from your accommodation as fruit and food will tempt them to enter your chalet. Feeding monkeys is strictly forbidden.

The signal is poor and is best at the reception desk area.

No, guests will have to arrange their own transport.

A filling station is available at Mpila Camp and is opened at 07:00 – 18:00. The station offers Hi-octane, Diesel, and unfortunately cannot repair punchers. Cash and recognized petrol or garage cards only. Cheques, MasterCard and/or Visa Cards are not accepted.

It is perfectly safe for you to conduct your own game drives. There are simple rules and regulations you should follow. There is a speed limit throughout the park of 40kms per hour. You should not get out of your vehicle except at designated picnic spots and view sites, and even then only after you have had a good lookout for dangerous animals. Remember that this is a Big 5 reserve, and therefore it is dangerous to be exposed. You should not go within 30 - 50m of large game such as elephant and rhino for risk of being charged in your vehicle. The white rhino is reasonably placid and will let you get quite close as they are not too easily antagonized, however, the rare black rhino is very excitable and quick to charge, especially if accompanied by young. Unless you know the difference, please do not endanger yourselves and your family by taking unnecessary risks. If driving past baboons and monkeys, keep your windows closed. Keep voices low when viewing wildlife. Hippos may look cute, but they are responsible for more deaths of humans in Africa than any other animal. Therefore, if you see them by a river bank, keep well away. To get the best out of your game drives, try not to look at specific bushes or trees that you pass, and try to avoid darting your eyes to the left and right. Rather, try to keep your eyes on a particular angle, scanning the bush as you pass by. It will take you a while to accustom yourselves to spotting game, but once you get the knack, you will find that animals will be much easier to spot. Don't underestimate the camouflage properties of most of the game species in the reserve. It is quite incredible how you can pass game very close by, and not notice at all. On many of our game drives, vehicles in front of us have just driven on, not noticing what is in plain view close by. As one experienced guide said, 'if you leave the park without seeing lion, be comforted by the fact that the lion definitely saw you'. If you are staying in the reserve for a few days, then it is worth keeping an eye on the sightings board kept at Hilltop Camp, as the latest sightings of lion, leopard, elephant, eagle etc are reported there. If you see something unusual or spectacular, it would be a kindness to report your sighting on the board, so that others may have the opportunity to try to see what you saw. Please adhere to the rules of the park, and not try to go on any of the roads marked no entry. These are private camps and staff accommodations, and trespassers will be prosecuted.Guests can only explore the park between gate opening and gate closing times.

Things to Do

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park

Hluhluwe Umfolozi National Park is the oldest game reserve in South Africa and is one of the most popular big 5 wildlife safari and tour destinations in Africa. Hluhluwe Umfolozi is situated in the heart of Zululand, KwaZulu Natal and was established by the former Natal Parks Board. The wide range of plant life in

4 Bed Safari Camp Mpila Camp

iMfolozi Game Reserve Hluhluwe, South Africa

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